Family Connections Card Game


Custom Cards Featuring Your Family!

  • Introducing the Family Connections Card Game!
    Making Family History Fun for Everyone
  • Event Time Cards that match your family's timeline
  • Large photo family tree reference cards

Includes over 10 Games!

  • Fast or slow, beginner to advanced you'll find the games that fit your family best!
  • Playing with kids? Start off with something familiar like a Matching Game or Go Search!
  • Playing with an older crowd but want to ease into things? Start with some beginner games and work your way up to the FULL Family Connections game!

Beautifully Designed and Professionally Printed

  • Custom Game Box & Rule Book
  • Over 100 custom playing cards
  • 6 large custom Reference Cards
"My 4 year old loves to play with these cards. She loves grouping them by gender or by who was married to who. She now recognizes at least the first name and picture of all 4 grandparents, 8 great grandparents, and even her 8 great-great grandparents on my wife's side of the family!. More amazingly, she can tell stories about most of them too!"
Mitchell - Father of 2
“This game is BRILLIANT! I love the personalization and the variety it offers! The cards can be used for challenging games for adults, as well as simple games for small children, each variation providing a fun new way to learn more about our own ancestors.”
Lori - Grandmother of 17

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have to be a family history buff to enjoy this game?
    No! In fact it is specifically designed so that you don't have to have any previous knowledge to enjoy playing the game (but you may become a family history buff by the time you're finished playing!)

  2. What information do I need to send to order a game?
    The game is based on 3-4 generations of your family tree (see "How many of my ancestors are included in the game?" below). The game is based on the following information for each ancestor:
    1. Name - given and preferred
    2. Vital Event Dates (as applicable) -Birth date, Marriage date(s), and Death date
    3. A Photo

  3. Can I still order a game if I am missing some of the information about my ancestors?
    Yes! In most cases, the game can still be made and played even if you don't have all the pictures and dates - contact me to discuss possible solutions for your family game.

  4. How many of my ancestors are included in the game?
    Each game typically includes 3-4 generations of a family tree and can be modified to include additional people too, as described below:

    3 Generations Game = 14 people cards (May add up to 4 additional people*)
    • a couple (2 people cards)
    • the couple's parents (4 people cards)
    • the couple's grandparents (8 people cards)

    4 Generations Game = 15 people cards (May add up to 3 additional people*)
    • A Child (or a set of siblings - they'll be grouped together on one card) (1 people card)
    • the child's parents (2 people cards)
    • the child's grandparents (4 people cards)
    • the child's great-grandparents (8 people cards)

    *Examples of Additional People:
    • additional spouses- adopted parents (or biological parents)
    • Siblings as their own card instead of combined into one
    • grandparents from a previous spouse
    • a few great-great grandparents

    Want to include a different set of people? Please contact me - I'd be happy to work with you to make the best game for your family!